DPO Nieuws/News January

02 januari 2017

Pinball Universe from Germany announced their presence at DPO. Expected is a selection of approximately 25 pinballs (10 for the tournament, 15 for Free play) and their clothing line (Pinball Rebel).


From the UK, Heighway Pinball announced their presence. They will bring not only Full Throttle but also their new Alien Pinball. It is expected they will have a joined booth with their new distributor iPinball. Besides representing Heighway Pinball,  iPinball will also bring a selection of the pinballs they have for sale by that time.



Also the specialist in LEDs and rubbers for your pinball, LED4PIN, announced their presence.

From the Netherlands, Dutch Pinball will be there.


And of course our ‘own’ Ministry of Pinball is joining DPO as JJP distributor


From Etten (NL), Frank Douwenga joins as a NFV DPO loyal supporter. Frank has been doing that for already many years and is bringing a good part of his large collection. Many of them show alternative translites, he has on sale.


And a DPO wouldn’t be a real DPO without Mirko from Highclass Pinballs (playfields and more)


City of Eindhoven is a true supporter of pinball by contributing a donation, making this event possible.

Two companies are contributing their time and effort te keep the pinballs in running order


Marcel Diks from DIBO! (exploitation and renting of pinballs) will bring a number of his machines.


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DPO Nieuws/News August

03 augustus 2017
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DPO Nieuws/News May

02 mei 2017
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